Data Services

We offer paid services to support your work with human genomic data

Alongside our work building the world’s most comprehensive human genomic data discovery platform, we share our time & expertise with organisations large and small to help them accelerate their work.

We can offer flexible support in the following areas:

Finding & Accessing Data

Finding &
Accessing Data

Data Scouting

We can help you navigate the world’s human genomic data to find the data you need.

Data Access

Applying to gain access to restricted data can be confusing & slow. We can smooth the process.

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Publishing & Distributing Data

Publishing &
Distributing Data

Visibility & Impact

Publishing data efficiently is a huge undertaking. We help maximize the visibility & impact of your data.

Data Licensing

You want to license your data for research. We understand the governance needed and can help put this in place.

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Organising & Collaborating on Data

Organising &
Collaborating on Data

Data Cataloguing

We understand how to organise extensive, complex data in a way that is manageable & scalable.

Interface Design

We know that considered interface design is the key to developing an intuitive, efficient collaborative workflow.

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