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Fiona Nielsen

When work gets personal

A background in computer science and an interest in healthcare led our founder, Fiona Nielsen to study bioinformatics and learn about the tidal wave of genomic data hitting medical research. It was so interesting she decided to start a PhD, creating software to study genetic and epigenetic markers in gene regulation. Then her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

From her mother’s journey through clinical care to recovery, she recognised the distance between her academic research and the way cancer is treated today. So she moved to Illumina, to bring data and clinical applications closer together.

There she made a new discovery. The development of new treatments is being held up by lack of access to genomic data. In that moment, the idea for Repositive was born.

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Founded on strong principles

A social enterprise

Our business is based on the concept of a social enterprise. It means we have a clear vision of how we make a difference in the world. And we’re guided by a mission and set of values we can all believe in.

People, planet and profit

We measure our performance by the impact we have on our employees, customers, suppliers, community and environment, as well as our shareholders. It’s what is known as the triple bottom line.

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